In the south of Germany, Bavaria area, There is a lovely town called Passau more known like the City of the three rivers because Danube, Ilz and Inn rivers are joined in this zone. Also, this place is so close to the border with Austria and there are many students here.

I had a quickly pass through this place visiting one friend here, so I can recommend you some places to visit or see:

1.- St. Stephen’s Cathedral .- It has inside the second biggest organ concert of the world, It is the greatest attraction here. Behind of the Cathedral there is an interesting Museum called Museum of the Treasure of the Cathedral and the Diocese.

Outside the Cathedral
Inside the Cathedral

2.-Amazing Sightseeing of the City from the Fortress “Veste Oberhaus” .- Around this site You have the best view from all Passau. To be here You should walk about 15 minutes to the top. If You take pictures from here is like having postcards automatically, you will see the 3 rivers and all the town. Highly recommended !

With my dear friend
Nice view
Excellent view
From the Fortress

3.- Impressive Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall) .- This imponent building looks like a Church but It is not, It is a historic site with a clock tower. Outside of it in its walls you will see the traces, high water marks and years of the different floods that they had in the city along the history.

4.- Passauer Glasmuseum (The Glass Museum).- During my staying I couldn’t visit this place but I heard about it, This site shows you many expositions of beautiful pieces made by glass.

5.-“St. Paul’s” Church.- One of the oldest Churches of the City.


6.- University of Passau.- If You wanna know the real life student so this place is perfect.

My friend and me were visiting her University

7.- Walking around Danube River.- One of my favorites things I did was appreciate the old buildings with a baroque style around and colourful houses of the town.

Walking around
View of the city at night